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Monitor your boat from anywhere

Solve the one big worry moored boat owners have 

Ever worried about your moored boat ? But you are miles away ?

You are not alone nearly all moored boat owners fret about their boats at times.

Did i turn the battery charger on ?

did I tie her up properly ?

And things do go wrong from time to time :

Loss of shore power leading to flat batteries

It could be a leak thats undetected and getting worse.

This leads to the scenario referred to as a “Zombie Boat”

Most incidents are a combination of two things going wrong such as having a leak that the bilge pump taking care of gets worse resulting in more bilge pump activations

Alerts via SMS that can be provided :

    • Bilge pump operation – 69% of boats that sink do so on their moorings or marina pens according to an industry survey conducted by the American Boating Association. Increased frequency of bilge pump operation  is the first sign of trouble and alerts you to a leak and is the best indicator of an impeding serious problem.
    • Shore power failure – One of the most common problems in Marinas, this will save you from flat batteries and a lost day on the water as well as a freezer of rotten bait or a fridge of spoiled food.
    • Intruder alerts – reed switches and passive infrared motion detectors with remote on/off switch will send you an SMS if there is a break in or people climbing onto your boat.
    • Broken from mooring or theft – set a range ring around your boat departure from the ring will send you an SMS.

Free App Available

Android and IOS apps available for free download with purchase of the unit – these apps use SMS commands to control the tracker so no internet plan is needed to run the unit, saving money and setup hassles.

Easy & Safe Payments

Payment via Paypal or Stripe – no account signup required !

3G / 4G on all networks. No monthly charges !

This tracker/monitor features the latest 3g / 4g chip so you can be assured of long lasting usage and service life. It takes a full size SIM and is compatible with all networks. You are not locked in to any service plan from us and have complete control of your own SIM unlike some providers who retain ownership of SIM effectively locking you in to their monthly service charges

boat tracker main module

Tracker Functions

Functions adjustable and controllable by the app

Set Battery Alarms

Set your voltages and turn on/off simply

Anchor Alarm and Geofence

easy to set graphical interface

Monitor Multiple Boats

keep track of a fleet from within the app

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Accessories for your Boattracker

These accessories will help customise your tracker install to just how you want it. From simple bilge monitoring to a full security focus these parts will help.

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Motion Detector


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